Makeup Lessons / Tutorials:

Learn to do your makeup like a pro with Annie-Claire’s Makeup Lessons.

Annie-Claire’s Makeup Lessons take you into the world of beauty and show you the tricks of the trade that makeup artists have been using for years. You can learn techniques to highlight your best features, conceal any blemishes and ensure your makeup lasts longer too. Annie-Claire offers one on one or group lessons and can tailor the lessons to your needs.

Annie-Claire’s Makeup Lessons include the following techniques, tips and tricks:

  • Concealing – Learn how to conceal blemishes, dark circles, broken capillaries or veins, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, scars, etc.
  • Base – Understand which foundation is appropriate for your skin type, i.e. cream, liquid or cake.
  • Brows – Discover how to sculpt your brows into the correct shape for your face. For makeup artists, eyebrows are one of the most important facial features.  You will also learn how to colour your eyebrows.
  • Eyes – Learn eye shadow techniques to compliment your eye shape. You’ll be shown the colours that suit you and be taught the differences between eyeliners, including cake, crème, pencil and powder.
  • Lashes – Learn how to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to get thicker and longer lashes. You will also learn how to apply false lashes yourself!
  • Cheeks – Find out which colours compliment your cheekbones and learn how to apply blush.
  • Contouring / Highlighting– Discover how to contour you face to enhance your features like a makeup artist, e.g. jaw line, cheek bones. You will also learn how to reduce the appearance of features, e.g. nose, forehead.
  • Lips – Find out how to apply lip liner and lipstick to make it last.

Annie-Claire provides you with extensive makeup notes that include useful diagrams, so you can continue applying your makeup like a pro even after your lesson! In your lesson you will learn industry tips to help you look your best even without a makeup artist. Makeup lessons are the ideal entertainment for you hen’s party or celebration. Contact Annie-Claire today to find out more.