Makeup Services

Makeup Services

Annie-Claire is the ideal makeup artist for every occasion.  She specialises in bridal, formal, fashion, film and television, body art, corporate makeup and tattoo coverage. Annie-Claire is trained in the traditional application of makeup and airbrushing. Additionally, Annie-Claire provides false eyelash application for free with every makeup application.

Annie-Claire is the ideal makeup artist for every occasion.


Annie-Claire is a qualified makeup artist who specialises in bridal makeup. She understands her clients’ needs and will travel directly to the bride or bridal party to provide her makeup services.

Annie-Claire is renowned for her flawless, yet natural, makeup applications. She uses high definition makeup and setting sprays, which increase the durability of the makeup.  Annie-Claire also provides Touch-up Kits for free with every makeup application. As a result, the bride and bridal party will look stunning in person, in photos and on camera, all day long.

To complete the makeup experience, Annie-Claire offers a range of false eyelashes and expertly applies them at no extra cost.  She is committed to her clients and uses the highest quality products to ensure brides and their bridal parties feel and look beautiful. Brides-to-be are invited to have a Makeup Trial with Annie-Claire to establish the perfect look for their wedding day.


Formal makeup is suitable for school semi-formals, formals, balls, special events and other occasions. Annie-Claire uses high quality makeup and her professional makeup skills to create glamorous looks that last all night. She is up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and will happily discuss different makeup options with her clients. Annie-Claire provides her formal makeup services to both individuals and groups.

Body Art:

For body art, Annie-Claire offers anything from face painting to full body art. She can use traditional makeup or airbrushing to create the desired look for her clients. Annie-Claire enjoys bringing your imagination to life through her makeup.

Film and Television:

Annie-Claire is confident creating any look for film and television.  She is skilled in the area of SPFX (special effects) and uses high quality makeup products and application technologies suitable for this field.  Annie-Claire can also apply high definition makeup, which is suitable for high definition television.


Corporate makeup is suitable for business head shots, promotional events and advertisements. Annie-Claire is able to create the ideal corporate appearance for her clients.


Annie-Claire is an experienced fashion makeup artist who is available for photo shoots, fashion shows and any other fashion event. She is always across the latest makeup trends and is confident working with other stylists and professionals in the fashion industry. Annie-Claire is able to create any makeup look that is desired, from something natural to avant-garde.

Tattoo Coverage:

For tattoo coverage, Annie-Claire uses special high quality makeup products specifically designed to conceal tattoos. Using her knowledge of skin tones, Annie-Claire is able to apply different shades of makeup to ensure tattoos are no longer visible. Tattoo coverage is only temporary and is ideal for brides, bridesmaids or anyone wanting to conceal their tattoos for a special occasion.

Annie-Claire offers different makeup applications to suit your individual needs.


Airbrushing is the latest technology in makeup application, which involves using an air compressor to spray a fine mist of makeup on the skin. The result is makeup that feels light on the skin but still provides maximum coverage with a flawless finish.  Airbrushing application is fast and Annie-Claire knows how to utilise this technology to deliver the best results for her clients.

Traditional Application:

For traditional makeup application, foundations are applied with a brush or sponge.  Annie Claire offers sheer foundations for a light natural finish or heavier foundations for a better coverage. Traditional makeup is durable and Annie-Claire uses professional techniques to create the desired looks for her clients

Annie-Claire also provides her clients with FREE false eyelash application.

False Eyelash Application:

Annie-Claire offers false eyelash application for free with every makeup application. She has a selection of fifteen natural styles to choose from, with individual and half lashes also available. The false eyelashes Annie-Claire uses look natural and they are durable too. Annie-Claire’s false eyelashes are so realistic that people don’t realise they are fake because they just look like naturally beautiful, thick eyelashes!

False Eyelashes:

FREE false eyelashes with every makeup application.

Annie-Claire provides free false eyelashes with every makeup application. The lashes she uses are 100% sterilised human hair so they blend in with your natural eyelashes and look realistic. Additionally, the lashes Annie-Claire uses are more comfortable than synthetic eyelashes and they fit to your natural eye line. The false eyelashes will give you long, thick lashes that look naturally beautiful. There are over 15 different styles of strip lashes to choose from, in addition to individual and half lashes. Annie-Claire will professionally apply your false eyelashes but you can reuse them up to ten times. False eyelashes are a must-have for your special day, celebration or occasion.

Touch-up Kits:

FREE Touch-up Kits with every makeup application.

Touch-up Kits are provided free with every makeup application to ensure you look your very best. Celebrities use Touch-up Kits to look picture perfect all day long and now you can too! Annie-Claire’s personally designed Touch-up Kits include:

  •  powder (to stop unwanted shine)
  • powder puff
  • custom lipstick and lip gloss, with disposable lip brush
  • cotton tips
  • oil blotting tissues.

For your convenience, Touch-up Kits can be custom made to suit your needs.  Touch-up Kits are compact so you can fit them in your bag or purse without anyone knowing your secret to looking beautiful all day long! However extensively heidegger may speak about man, his thinking and his doing, he never loses sight of the truth that “in the ‘is’ I of everything that is, ” ‘being’ is uttered